Gender Integration

[spacer height=”20px”]TL-III intent to harmonize gender-training approaches with the N2Africa project and with other Foundation-supported projects including integrated seed system development projects. It is believed that such linkages will encourage co-learning about the best ways to provide information conduits that can be used to inform TL-III variety development and seed delivery efforts. The principal objective is to ensure the likelihood that the project will generate outputs relevant to both women and other important value chain actors.

It is anticipated that significant progress will be made in the following areas:

  1. Integration of gender into all mainstream research, development and dissemination activities by all project partners;
  2. Development of at least 50 new higher yielding varieties that directly address the needs and priorities of female farmers such as reduced cooking time, improved marketability and better nutrition;
  3. Empowerment of national program partners leading to the development of more effective and sustainable plant breeding programs that can readily take advantage of new technology and adapt it to local conditions and constraints;
  4. Development of new methods and platforms using modern information and communication tools to promote the adoption of improved seed and other technologies and help determine precisely how, where and at what level farmers have adopted new varieties.
  5. Establishment of efficient, sustainable multi-stakeholder seed system platforms that enhance access and availability of improved varieties and technologies and that directly address issues of gender disparity;
  6. Outreach efforts that connect the partners to more than 3.5 million additional farmers and that by 2018 will lead to improved varieties covering 20 to 40% of the area in which legume crops are grown in target countries.