Scientists sets to enhance grain legumes production in Sub-Sahara

Scientists sets to enhance grain

Scientist at the Institute of Tropical Agriculture (IITA) Nigeria cowpea up-scaling in West Africa and other implementing partners of tropical legumes III had organised a 3-day workshop to its project partners on appropriate data collection using a designed tools for reporting, seeds management, and effective partnership for sustainable production and delivery of various seed classes for up-scaling of legumes production.

Speaking to newsmen during the workshop held in Kano state, IITA’s seed system specialist Dr. Lucky Omoigui stated that the workshop is aimed at building the competence and skills of projects partners and stakeholders in efficient and effective delivery of the tropical legumes III project adding that strategy to meet up seed map for 2017 as well as public and private sector engagement to improve delivery of the project activities will be deliberated during the workshop with a view of attaining a sustainable impact orientated seed system in Nigeria and in Africa in general.

Similarly, in his address the national coordinator Nigeria cowpea up-scaling product in West Africa Dr. Nafi’u Abdu stronger linkages between partners will no doubt assist in proper implementation of the project adding that seeds companies, Agro-chemical dealers, fertilizer dealers, seed producers and national seeds regulatory agencies are all part of the workshop to ensure an absolute and proper implementation of the project.

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