Research & Delivery Pillars

Three complementary research and delivery pillars are proposed to deliver the intended project outcomes:

Support for the development and release of farmer-preferred varieties in the priority legume crop and geography set identified by the BMGF Legume Strategy. These include cowpea and groundnut in Burkina Faso, Ghana, Mali, Nigeria; common bean and chickpea in Ethiopia; common bean and groundnut in Uganda and Tanzania; and chickpea in Uttar Pradesh, India;

Strengthening of the legume breeding capacity of the partner CGIAR centers (ICRISAT, IITA and CIAT) African stations (Nigeria, Mali, Uganda, Malawi), and national partners through a formal and structured assessment and improvement process, to enhance their capacity to deliver improved cultivars beyond the timeframe of the project; and

Establishing of sustainable seed delivery systems that service the needs of small-holders, especially underserved women farmers in the African partner geographies. Seed delivery platforms, personnel and targets have been or will be established for each priority legume crop and country.

R&D Pillars